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Limitless Possibilities Mediation Services, LLC
General Mediation
General Mediation can be very effective in helping business owners and their customers who are in dispute, neighbors who are fighting, and landlords and tenants who are not seeing eye to eye. 

General Mediation provides a way to reduce tension, and build and improve communication by identifying areas of common ground and working toward a resolution for disputes related to:

  • Rent / Security Deposits
  • Property Maintenance / Inspections
  • Transaction Disputes for Businesses
  • Neighborhood Disputes
  • REIN contracts
  • HOA's and Homeowners
  • Commercial Mediation
Family and Relationship Mediation
As mediators we can assist couples in crisis by helping focus attention on the issues to be resolved, as opposed to focusing blame. For families with children, we can help find ways to settle the adult issues and avoid having the children bear the brunt of a long, nasty divorce.

Many couples find it beneficial to use mediation to draft a separation agreement before a divorce and most find the cost of mediation trivial when compared to the cost of hiring an attorney.

Even if the mediation sessions do not result in a complete agreement, parties will still benefit from the process. Partial agreements can narrow the issues to be negotiated or litigated later and mediation helps to open and improve the lines of communication.
How Can Mediation Help?

Most people find it uncomfortable to be in conflict. Conflict can cause both animosity and stress. Mediation can help achieve a peaceful resolution that all parties see as fair and equitable.

Mediation is held in a private setting where parties can work together with a mediator to resolve their conflict. Mediation can also help to limit the damages that the conflict may have caused. 

Mediation costs less than a lawsuit and avoids the uncertainty of a judicial outcome. Judges and juries are human. Sometimes parties are so involved in their conflict that they are certain the judge or jury will see it their way. 

The fact is: Often they do not. Additionally, research shows that the majority of people who mediate rather than go to court are satisfied with the mediation process as well as the outcome. Mediated agreements also have a higher rate of compliance than do court orders.